During a completely surreal situation we thought we would try to make things a little easier for you by putting some useful links and tips all in one place instead of having to scroll the web.

We will aim to keep it as up to date as possible.

Firstly, remember, there is not an education emergency. There are school packs to work through but there is a lot of time the children were to be on holiday from school and that still counts so lets take a little pressure off of ourselves!

A good explanation on handwashing and why we have to stay home- we can all relate to glitter going everywhere;

What about routine?

As you'll see from Facebook posts we shared this and thought it might be a good guide to kick us off before we find what works best for our families;


Now we are limited to how much we can leave the house, the best thing we can do is probably join in The Body Coach - Joe Wicks for his live PE sessions (we done this at home yesterday and the kids struggled to move  the rest of the day!! Suddenly maths sounded like a great idea to sit and do!).

Joe's PE workout also doesn't have to be live. They automatically save to his YouTube channel. I would not have been able to wake mine up for exercise as he does not have PE first on a Monday!! (We had to refer to school timetable and compromise).

Another active YouTube workout that seems to be popular with younger children is Cosmic Kids. This is yoga that they do which can be really good for people with ADHD.

They have a website, or all videos can be found on YouTube.



A good activity we have seen to be quite popular is the 30 day Lego challenge.

On our kids section we also have some YouTube videos for craft time that can be made solely out of one sheet of paper. 

Let's Get Crafty


Other good resources that we have found are;

www.educationcity.com - this has reward packs, reading packs, a fitness plan. Pretty much a one stop shop!

www.phonicsplay.co.uk - this will help with reading and learning words for younger kids

www.kidsactivitiesblog.com - this has loads of free subscriptions to have a look through

www.sumdog.com - this has always been popular as it's used in schools all the time and I know our kids have enjoyed it. I believe they are offering full access to the site for free at the moment, the same they would have at school.

Day trips

How can we have those? Believe it not there are loads of places offering virtual tours at the moment. 

Atlanta Zoo have a panda cam;


San Diego Zoo;


Nasa have opened up their resources too with Nasa TV being on offer, and different topics to learn about.


Some museums and galleries