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If you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling to make decisions, difficulties at home, problems ignoring distractions, then coaching could be the support you are looking for. Each session is designed to suit your needs and to help you take control. With your coach you will develop self-awareness, improve your organisational skills, confidence and work on personal targets.

We offer a variety of packages to suit everyone's needs but please book in for an initial consultation to decide what is best for you.

This is a free 20-minute online video call with our ADHD Coach, Alison.

To book in, or for more information please contact or call 01382456873.

Packages available are:

  • One hour session - £80.00 - these can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to suit your needs.
  • Four-week package - £320.00
  • Three Month package - £900.00 and this can be paid in monthly instalments that can be agreed in advance. 

Testimonial from clients.

'Coaching with Alison has been excellent, the coaching has allowed me to discover ways to counter-act my anxieties which I struggle with in most of my daily tasks. Without the coaching I have received I wouldn't have been able to discover techniques to help me with my daily tasks which usually cause me difficulties'.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Alison. Being able to talk freely about your own self and the challenges you face with someone that understands is so rare.

Through these sessions with Alison, I felt a much better connection to myself and what it means to be different. We worked on several problem areas in my life and crucially I was able to apply this. The biggest issue I had with any self help was actually applying any techniques or tips. 

Overall, I would highly recommend working with Alison to ease the pressure we put on ourselves as individuals with ADHD."