Dundee and Angus ADHD Support Group are still offering support to families and partner agencies in a reduced capacity throughout this period. Our project manager Sarah can be contacted through email Sarah or phone 07306 126 292

Carers of Dundee during coronavirus

ADHD Research


Author: Sarah McIlravey

100 Top Tips for Parenting and Supporting

This booklet contains 100 top tips on 10 key issues to support parents and carers of children with ADHD. The topics are chosen as a result of many of the key questions that parents and carers have asked directly.

Family and Social Skills Course

The ADHD support group is currently running a project in collaboration with CAMHS to deliver social skills classes to 50 children over the next year, whilst also providing further support to parents and carers and bringing families together.


Author: Sarah McIlravey

Youth Groups

Youth Groups for children and young people with ADHD age between 5 to 18.


Author: Sarah McIlravey

Young Adult Study


Author: Sarah McIlravey

Our impact


3 times per week 50 children, 52 weeks of the year are supported through our youth groups


We help 150 parents per year in Dundee and Angus through parent support groups


We have currently had 530 referrals so far this year for information and support

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