Dundee and Angus ADHD Support Group was formed in 2013 when Alison Zerouk, our current Project Manager, realised that there were no support groups for parents of children with ADHD after her son was diagnosed with the condition.  

Dundee Voluntary Action was our first home where we began our parent support group with Bill Colley coming along regularly to speak to the parents/carers about what ADHD was.  Very quickly this space became too small for the needs of the group as the parent support group had 20 parents in attendance and a waiting list of 30 children for the youth group that had started after speaking to the parents.   We then moved to Dudhope Community Centre to be closer to CAMHS for the parents and to allow us to have a space for the children and young people to have a youth group. However within less than six months Alison decided that the group would benefit more from having their own premises, this was made possible by the Robertson Trust. 

We moved to Manhattan Works in the Stobswell area of Dundee in February of 2014.  Very quickly the youth groups grew to 50 children and young people in attendance.  The groups were then split into age groups, 5-10, 11-13 and 14-18 years old.  This is the way we still run them today. 

The parent support group and the youth groups are the two projects that have been at the core of the charity since we began.  Through working with our parents, young people and their families there have been many projects we have developed with the support of our many funders over the last six years.